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Distributionship and Terms
1.can independently assume civil liability for personal or business units
2 .can be independently developed by you the user to open a service ticket, according to a legally valid
3 .can provide users with the necessary technical services and consulting services
4 .should have a fixed place of service
5. With rich Internet experience and background in technology
6. With convenient access to the Internet communication conditions and the necessary equipment
7 individuals to submit personal identification card, submit copy of business license business
8 needs to deliver some advance money, the money is for your domain name registration, website to buy used, you can easily apply for business by the system automatically

Benefits for Distributors
Agent to join the so-called, is the business organization, or franchising and franchise head between the two continued contractual relationship. Agent according to the contract, the Corporation must provide a unique business privilege, and with training of personnel, organizational structure, management and supply of goods assistance; and stores also need to pay a relative reward.
Agent is an economical and simple way of doing business through a product or service and marketing methods, with minimal risk and maximum chance of success. The service marks licensed to its franchisees, so that franchisees can use the franchisor’s image, brand, reputation in the business of the consumer market, to attract consumers to the consumer.Agent eliminates a lot of trouble investors. Free Agent investors can use to join the headquarters of the image, brand, reputation, franchisors will offer investors, including technical support, and a series of uniform distribution of goods of services. Agent is definitely the first choice for your business.




Q: Does the phone has walkie talkie function
A: G10 and S15 has analog walkie talkie function, G07 not.
Q: What frequency this radio use
A: UHF 400.0000-480.0000Mhz available. VHF optional
Q: Is it waterproof?
A: Yes, G07 and G10 waterproof IP-67 level and S15 IP-68 level
Q: Can i use another input 
A: Yes, you can find various inputs from google market and download to the S15
Q: How can i use navigation
A: You can find the GPS navigation apps from google market and download to the S15
Q: What about the guarantee

A: Rangerfone series has 1 year quality guarantee. After register on RANGERFONE website, you can have extra half year max quality guarantee

Q: Is it produced by yourself
A: RANGERFONE brand belongs to Shenzhen Outfone Technology Co., Ltd. All Rangerfone series are OEM products
Q: Is the Rangerfone signal good
A: Yes, all Rangerfone series comply with National standard and have tests in the production line
Q: What SIM card it support
A: 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900mhz; 3G WCDMA 850/2100mhz
Q: Does it support to view website
A: S15 support, G07 and G10 not
Q: Can i use it worldwide

A: Rangerfone series support GSM quad band 850/900/1800/1900Mhz. You can check with  your SIM operator if they support GSM network

Q: Is the SIM card normal or micro
A: It is normal SIM card
Q: What about the screen size
A: S15 has 4 inch touch screen, G07 and G10 with 2 inch screen
Q: Is it colored screen
A: Yes
Q: What is material of the phone
A: It is Polymer Plastic HDPE
Q: Is the battery removable
A: Yes
Q: How long to charge the battery
A: About 3 hours
Q: What about the Bluetooth
A: G07 and G10 support Bluetooth 2.0, S15 support Bluetooth 4.0
Q: What’s you company address
A: B701, Languang Tech Park, 7th Xinxi RD, Nanshan Dist, Shenzhen
Q: What language it support 
A: It support 32 languages like English, Russian, Spanish, etc