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Q: Does the phone has walkie talkie function
A: G10 and S15 has analog walkie talkie function, G07 not.
Q: What frequency this radio use
A: UHF 400.0000-480.0000Mhz available. VHF optional
Q: Is it waterproof?
A: Yes, G07 and G10 waterproof IP-67 level and S15 IP-68 level
Q: Can i use another input 
A: Yes, you can find various inputs from google market and download to the S15
Q: How can i use navigation
A: You can find the GPS navigation apps from google market and download to the S15
Q: What about the guarantee

A: Rangerfone series has 1 year quality guarantee. After register on RANGERFONE website, you can have extra half year max quality guarantee

Q: Is it produced by yourself
A: RANGERFONE brand belongs to Shenzhen Outfone Technology Co., Ltd. All Rangerfone series are OEM products
Q: Is the Rangerfone signal good
A: Yes, all Rangerfone series comply with National standard and have tests in the production line
Q: What SIM card it support
A: 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900mhz; 3G WCDMA 850/2100mhz
Q: Does it support to view website
A: S15 support, G07 and G10 not
Q: Can i use it worldwide

A: Rangerfone series support GSM quad band 850/900/1800/1900Mhz. You can check with  your SIM operator if they support GSM network

Q: Is the SIM card normal or micro
A: It is normal SIM card
Q: What about the screen size
A: S15 has 4 inch touch screen, G07 and G10 with 2 inch screen
Q: Is it colored screen
A: Yes
Q: What is material of the phone
A: It is Polymer Plastic HDPE
Q: Is the battery removable
A: Yes
Q: How long to charge the battery
A: About 3 hours
Q: What about the Bluetooth
A: G07 and G10 support Bluetooth 2.0, S15 support Bluetooth 4.0
Q: What's you company address
A: B701, Languang Tech Park, 7th Xinxi RD, Nanshan Dist, Shenzhen
Q: What language it support 
A: It support 32 languages like English, Russian, Spanish, etc