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Product Information
Rangerfone G10, Tri-proof outdoor mobile phone feature functions

Rangerfone G10

Tri-proof outdoor mobile phone feature functions


1. Perfect Outdoor Tool, multi-functional and invincible.

2. Rugged Tri-proof,solid and tough quality.

3. PTT all frequency channel Walkie Talkie in wide range

4. GPS Multilingual voice navigation.

5. GPS Global positioning.

6. Tracing records, easy management.

7. Multi-funcional sensor device, great outdoor helper.

8. Quad band design, universal use.


Feature 1:Unique Outdoor Tools

Rangerfone mobile phones reach the industry leading tri-proof level, with built-in 400-480MHz walkie talkie, can provide GPS navigation service for more than 70 countries and with compass、 barometric altimeter sensor、temperature sensor and altitude measurement etc. functions. With Rangerfone, you acquire series strong tools.


Feature 2:Rugged Tri-proof, Unbeatable Soldier

Waterproof & Dustproof:IP67,submerged in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes but no ingress of water.

Shockproof:Industring leading shockproof capacity, drop to the cement ground with six sides from 2 meter height.

Crushproof: Super crushproof, can be crushed by 1.5 ton truck.

Rangerfone G10 is stylish in outlook, firm in structure, portable, conforming with human engineering in design. They can be used in kinds of rugged working environment. withstand drops onto concrete from up to 2meters for many times;IP67 rating feature, makes the rain, seawater, moisture, dusty environment no measures for it.


Feature 3:PTT walkie talkie, talk anywhere

Built-in 400-480MHz hardware walkie Talkie module, Rangerfone G10 can work with same mobile phone or same frequency band walkie talkie and build a independent trucking communication system without mobile phone network and communication distance can reach 3-5km (in the open space place) ,specially useful for outdoor activities and trunking dispatching.

GSM+Walkie Talkie dual mode standby at the same time and can be switched flexibly ,but keep GSM priority。


Feature 4:Multi-language voice navigation

Rangerfone Mobile phone provides voice navigation service for more than 70 countries.

Support over 10 languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Malay, Arabic, Turkish, Indonesian and etc.


Feature 5:GPS worldwide positioning,

Backstage Management

G10 GPS navigation system make your position clear, show the Longitude、Latitude, Altitude, Direction, Speed and provide worldwide sunrise and sunset time of any place.

Rangerfone mobile phones are with built-in high accuracy GPS chipset and high sensibility antenna, besides the position information mentioned above can be offered, the complete set system for terminal user and backstage position management can also be offered specially for the group users. Meanwhile, through GPRS channel, Instant positioning information, history track record, Electronic fence and over speed alarm function for management can be offered as well. These can meet group user’s requirement completely.


Feature 6:Track record, safety guarantee

Rangerfone mobile phones were added the track record and navigation functions specially. In the place far away from city without road, mark, reference frame etc. for some exploration、 measurement jobs, in order to keep safety and prevent from missing and make you return back along the former roadmap. Only open tracking record function to record the tracks into the phone, then the back road can be finded out easily.


Feature 7: Multi-Function Sensor device, best assistant for outdoors

Built-in multi-function sensor, with compass, barometric altimeter sensor, temperature sensor and altitude measurement functions.

Meanwhile, according to the air pressure record, short term weather forecast can be provided independently, So ,Rangerfone is the best choice for the outdoors and sports.


Feature 8: Quad Band operation, worldwide talk

Rangerfone mobile phones adopt GSM, the world’s most popular standard for mobile telephone systems. Its operation frequency cover

GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz,support over 10 languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Malay, Arabic, Turkish, Indonesian and etc.



•        GSM + Car Remote Control function and communication downhole function will be coming soon.

•        Rangerfone can offer OEM/ODM service for customers